Top Criminal relaunch in Free Fire MAX confirmed by Garena

Free Fire developers have confirmed the return of one of the most anticipated members of the criminal batch, the Top Criminal Red Bundle.

Criminal bundles in Free Fire MAX have made a mark in the game’s massive costume catalogue. Long ago, a total of five criminal costumes were released in the Battle Royale title. Since then, the entire collection has managed to win over the hearts of gamers.

Although the green outfit made a comeback about a year ago, the rest is still in demand.

Free Fire’s 5th-anniversary event calendar confirms the Top Criminal bundle’s relaunch

Garena disclosed the 5th-anniversary event calendar on the dedicated website (Image via Garena)
Garena disclosed the 5th-anniversary event calendar on the dedicated website (Image via Garena)

A considerable number of rare items have already made a comeback into the shooter title, but the criminal theme, specifically the red, had been on hold. Garena has finally revealed that the same will be relaunched between August 13 and 19 as part of the 5thanniversary celebration.

Rolling out today on August 5, the anniversary event will continue until the middle of September, i.e., September 13. Users will get to enjoy numerous rewards and events throughout the period. As always, a portion of the rewards will be distributed for free and the rest through diamond-required events.

The Top Criminal Red bundle will likely be rewarded through the latter event. Therefore, Free Fire MAX users should secure a notable amount of diamonds to ensure that they do not miss out on the chance of winning this highly-rated bundle.

Leaks about Top Criminal (Neon) bundle’s appearance and release event

A recent formal post indicates that the regular Top Criminal Red bundle. May come with additional effects as the “Neon” word has been added to the title.

The Top Criminal (Neon) outfit will come up with neon effects that should possess certain animations and visuals visible after equipping the bundle. It may be worn by both male and female characters.

The bundle is expected to make its re-entry in Free Fire MAX. Through a Luck Royale event called Duo Criminal Royale.

The same event will also feature the following exclusive items as rewards:

  • Grenade skin – Top Criminal
  • Motorbike – Crime Ride
  • Gloo wall skin – Top Criminal
  • Free money emote

Note: This particular section is entirely based on leaks circulating around the community. Officials are yet to announce details about the Top Criminal bundle’s return event.

Highlighted rewards and events in Free Fire 5th anniversary celebrations

Here is a brief overview of the events and items that will appear in the 5th anniversary and global collaboration event:

  1. Reunited Bundles
  2. Futuristic Bundles
  3. M1887 Evo Gun
  4. Universe Shatter Gloo Wall
  5. Emotes
  6. Free For All Mode
  7. New map – Nexterra
  8. Free J.Biebs character
  9. Free magic cube
  10. In-game concert – J.Biebs: Beautiful Love
  11. Droid Apocalypse mode

Although the original title will turn five this August. The celebrations will also be made accessible through the MAX variant. Free Fire MAX gamers should be active in the game to accumulate the maximum number of prizes.

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