How to get V Badge after Free Fire MAX OB36 update

Free Fire MAX has many different items that any player can acquire, but the V Badge is not one of them. It is essentially an in-game verification symbol, meant only for those included in the Partner Program. Thus, acquiring the V Badge, alongside several other Partner Program perks, is challenging for any FF/FF MAX player.

In the following section, readers can find a step-by-step guide to obtaining the V Badge in Free Fire MAX after the OB36 update.

V Badge in Free Fire MAX: How to join the Partner Program after the OB36 update

The Partner Program has a set of prerequisites that one must clear to even become eligible for applying. Although the required numbers for this eligibility criteria can vary from server to server. The essence remains the same. Interested readers can take a look at the following prerequisites before heading into the application procedure:

Eligibility criteria

What are the basic requirements and gains of the Partner Program? (Image via Garena)
What are the basic requirements and gains of the Partner Program? (Image via Garena)
  • Creators must have a YouTube channel with a subscriber count of more than 100,000.
  • 80% of content posted on the channel in the past 30 days must be related to Free Fire/Free Fire MAX.
  • If players want financial compensation, they should increase the amount of Free Fire/Free Fire MAX content to 95%.
  • The aggregate views of the videos posted on the channel in the past 30 days must be more than 300,000.
  • One should maintain consistency in producing content and posting on social media.
  • One should self-regulate the quality to maintain the content as top-notch, engaging, and non-offensive with a clean approach.
  • The embodiment of professionalism is a must.
  • One should have a drive for success, alongside a passion for creating gaming content.

Once applicants clear all of these prerequisites for the Partner Program. They can apply for it on the official website. The FF/FF MAX team will then review their application and decide whether they should receive the V Badge or not.

Benefits of the Partner Program


The main highlight of getting accepted into the Partner Program is getting verified in-game with the V Badge. Furthermore, there are several other perks. Which players will eventually receive after becoming a partner:

  • Consistent reception of in-game rewards, custom rooms, and diamonds.
  • Financial compensation for maintaining the “95% FF/FF MAX content” requirement.
  • Advance access to the game’s content.
  • Chance of featuring on the game’s social media accounts.
  • Availability of access to FF/FF MAX’s official observer client.

How to join Free Fire MAX Partner Program and get the V Badge


Here’s how you (as a content creator) can join the Partner Program and receive the V Badge:

Step 1: Check the Partner Program for Free Fire/Free Fire MAX on Google and click on the relevant results.

Step 2: Take a look at the eligibility criteria and the perks yourself before tapping on a button like “Join Now!” or “Apply Now!” on the website. It will redirect you to the application form for the Partner Program.

Step 3: Fill in the required details, including FF/FF MAX Player ID, YouTube stats, channel link, ID proof, et cetera.

Step 4: Double-check the details and submit the application.

The response from the FF/FF MAX team may take a few days, so you must remain patient after the submission.

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