5 tips to fight against gloo walls in Free Fire (May 2022)

Gloo walls inFree Fire pose a serious threat to any player in combat. If the enemy knows how to use this utility item to the fullest, overcoming them in a fight will be rather difficult. However, this does not mean that gloo walls are invincible.

Much like everything else in the game, they do have an HP limit. Such being the situation, players have a myriad of options to choose from when fighting against gloo walls in-game.

Use these tips to overcome gloo walls with ease in Free Fire

1) Use Skyler’s ability to destroy gloo walls

The easiest way to overcome gloo walls in Free Fire is by using Skyler’s ability. It is called Riptide Rhythm and is an active ability. It works by unleashing a sonic wave that travels in a straight line.

Up to five gloo walls, upto a range of 100-meters in the wave’s path. The sonic wave is so powerful that even Robo’s skill, Wall Enforcement, cannot stop the gloo wall from being destroyed.

2) Use the M82B to damage those behind them

Several weapons in Free Fire do armor penetration damage. However, only the M82B sniper expert is capable of penetrating gloo walls and directly inflicting damage to those on the other side.

This opens up numerous tactical option that the players can choose from. If they are able to mark opponents that are hiding behind the gloo wall, they can line up the perfect shot using the M82B and secure a kill with ease.

3) Use a flamethrower

Although normal bullets do inflict damage upon gloo walls, many are needed to destroy them. This makes using standard weapons ineffective in most cases. Rather than mindless shooting, players should try a fiercy approach to the situation.

Instead of shooting the gloo wall with bullets, players can try melting it using a flamethrower. It will save them a lot of time and effort. Additionally, opponents hiding behind the gloo wall are likely to panic from seeing flames engulf their protective barrier.

4) Use characters like Xayne and Nairi

Aside from Skyler, who’s a master at destroying gloo walls two other Free Fire characters also stand out for their anti-gloo wall abilities. The two in question are Xayne and Nairi.

Xayne’s ability, Xtreme Encounter, allows the character to deal 130% bonus damage to gloo walls for a few brief seconds. Nairi, on the other hand, deals an extra 20% damage when using an AR.

5) Use explosives and vehicles to destroy gloo walls

If the aforementioned Free Fire characters prove to be too expensive to obtain, players can also use frag grenades to destroy gloo walls.

To destroy a gloo wall using a grenade players will have to account for the bounce factor. If the grenade overshoots the target, the gloo wall will take no damage. In addition to grenades, players can even use vehicles to ram into gloo walls and destroy them.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

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