5 best legendary emotes in Free Fire MAX (May 2022)

Free Fire MAX has established a distinctive identity in the mobile gaming era by serving thrilling battle royale experiences and affinitive content to youngsters. Undoubtedly, the in-game collectibles have played a vital role in attaching this shooter to mobile gamers.

Amongst the various showcasing items, emotes are pretty attentive in Free Fire MAX. Emotes are animated for a few seconds using which gamers can express their warmth to teammates or even enemies during a particular scenario.

Plenty of emotes have already arrived in the BR title, and developers regularly introduce new ones in this series via several events. However, only some finger-countable emotes have impressed millions of users till now.

Note: This article is entirely based on the author’s personal views. The availability and release time of emotes have been recorded as per the Indian server. It should also be noted that the in-game collection in a gamer’s ID is the same in both Free Fire and its MAX version. Hence, the release of emotes can be referred to in the MAX version as well.

Listing the five most lauded emotes released in Free Fire MAX as of May 2022

5) I Heart You

The I Heart You emote was first released at the Mother’s Day Top Up event almost two years back, i.e., in May 2020. The emote animation reflects the lovingness, especially towards mothers, as it was unveiled around Mother’s Day. It is one of the most adored emotes ever launched in Free Fire MAX.

I Heart You returned to the BR Shooter via Valentine’s Royale in late January 2022, along with the Heartbroken Emote.

Emote description: Come here, the apple of my eye.

4) Doggie

The Doggie emote made its way to Free Fire MAX via the Emote Party event in August 2020. When using this emote, the character dances with Shiba, which is quite attentive. Doggie is one of the rarest collectibles in the series of emotes in FF MAX.

Gamers should spend their preserved diamonds in exchange for this piece if they get the chance.

Emote description: A cute move to celebrate your victory.

3) Pirate’s Flag

Even though the Pirate’s Flag emote has confirmed its return to the shooter multiple times, it is still one of the most in-demand emotes. It was first pitched a couple of years ago at the Pirate Top Up event in March 2020.

One of the most highlighted features of this particular emote is that the user’s name is displayed on the top.

Emote description: I leave a mark wherever I go.

2) Flower of Love

The Flower of Love emote was first seen in the 2019’s Valentine’s Top Up event. When the emote is active, the character brings out a red rose, portraying proposing to loved ones in real life.

The Flower of Love has been circulated multiple times in Free Fire MAX. Despite this, it has not lost its rarity yet.

Emote description: Make love, not war.

1) FFWC Throne Emote

During the Free Fire World Cup held in April 2019, the FFWC Throne Emote is one of the oldest masterpieces among the rest of the emotes incorporated in the shooter.

While the developers have brought in this specific emote many times, the craze of FFWC Throne is still alive in gamers’ hearts.

The character sits on an overwhelming throne in this emote that makes users feel like they are king or superior to others while using this emote.

Emote description: I am the only Champion.

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