5 best Diamond Royale bundles released for India in Free Fire MAX (May 2022)

When it comes to Free Fire MAX, bundles or costumes are always at the top of the list of items players want to get their hands on. Garena regularly releases new outfits across several avenues, including the Diamond Royale. The Luck Royale is refreshed every few weeks, offering a variety to gamers.

Historically, players have shown an interest in these items due to their aesthetics. Moreover, gamers are often given a chance to exchange some of these Diamond Royale Bundles at a later time through the Magic Cube Store.

Having said that, here are a few of the best Magic Cube bundles released in Free Fire MAX.

Best Diamond Royale Bundle in Free Fire MAX

1) Soulless Executioner

The Soulless Executioner Bundle gives the character a cold and brutal appearance. The mask distinguishes the bundle in the shape of a skull with eyes set on fire, making it even eerier. The red-colored head and blazing arm also enhance the look.

It was added to the Diamond Royale in the Indian server of Free Fire MAX in early April and included the following items:

  • Soulless Executioner (Head)
  • Soulless Executioner (Mask)
  • Soulless Executioner (Top)
  • Soulless Executioner (Bottom)
  • Soulless Executioner (Shoes)

2) Enchanted Fable

The Enchanted Fable was available in Diamond Royale towards the end of 2021. Developers even offered a hefty discount as part of the New Year Flash sale, during which each spin only cost ten diamonds.

Since its completion, it has been included in the Magic cube Store on the Indian server. The costume has a beautiful white and purple color combination along with a harp on the side that emits a blue aura.

This includes:

  • Enchanted Fable (Head)
  • Enchanted Fable (Top)
  • Enchanted Fable (Bottom)
  • Enchanted Fable (Shoes)

3) Doctor Scarlette

Doctor Scarlette is the female counterpart of Doctor Red bundle in Free Fire MAX. It was made accessible in November and was available until the middle of December 2021.

With an intimidating eye patch and a blood-filled Teddy Bear on one of the arms, the bundle is menacing. Furthermore, the jacket and pants in white and red give the outfit a distinct appearance.

It comes with the following items:

  • Doctor Scarlette (Head)
  • Doctor Scarlette (Facepaint)
  • Doctor Scarlette (Top)
  • Doctor Scarlette (Bottom)
  • Doctor Scarlette (Shoes)

4) Rainbow Summer

The Rainbow summer Bundle is now available in the ongoing Diamond Royale on the Free Fire MAX India server. When users equip, it provides the character with a refreshing appearance with a beach-type outfit complete with trunks, slippers, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat. Tattoos on the body make the outfit even more appealing.

Gamers will receive the following items, which they can further mix and match:

  • Rainbow Summer (Mask)
  • Rainbow Summer (Head)
  • Rainbow Summer (Top)
  • Rainbow Summer (Bottom)
  • Rainbow Summer (Shoes)

5) Dusklit Slayer

When Diamond Royale with Dawnlit Hitman was completed, Dusklit Slayer was made available in Free Fire MAX. It was added on 24 February 2022 and was even obtainable in March.

The female bundle comes with a unique face mask and white hair, which have been key highlights. The dragon locket and glowing symbol on the arm make it even more appealing.

The bundle has the following items:

  • Dusklit Slayer (Head)
  • Dusklit Slayer (Mask)
  • Dusklit Slayer (Top)
  • Dusklit Slayer (Bottom)
  • Dusklit Slayer (Shoes)

Note: The outfit choice is entirely subjective, and this list represents the writer’s opinion.

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