5 best Android apps to get Free Fire diamonds and Elite Pass for free in India (MAX version)

With each successive update, the range and variety of in-game items in Free Fire MAX expand even further. Almost every other day, developers add new cosmetics or other items to entice gamers to purchase them.

Diamonds, one of the game’s currencies, are required to complete the transaction and obtain the desired items on most occasions. Many users acquire diamonds regularly through top-ups, memberships, special airdrops, and other methods

To fulfill their desire for in-game items, a small segment of individuals are always on the lookout for free alternatives to obtain the premium currency. Here are some of the applications that they may utilize to do so in the game.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India, and gamers from the country are advised not to play this version. They can continue to play Free Fire MAX, which is not banned.

Best apps to get Free Fire diamonds and Elite Pass (MAX version)

Gamers can use the applications given below to earn free diamonds in Free Fire MAX that can be used to get the Elite Pass.

5) AppStation

AppStation (Image via Google Play Store)

AppStation (Image via Google Play Store

AppStation is a popular app that gamers can use to get rewards for playing mobile games. The application has more than 10 million installs and has a rating of 4.3 stars on Google Play Store. Users must first access the application and create an account.

Subsequently, they choose from the list of free games and earn coins to play the game every minute. These can later be used to acquire several rewards, including Amazon, Google Play Store, Steam, and more gift cards. However, these rewards may vary considerably.

4) SB Answers

SB Answers (Image via Google Play Store)
SB Answers (Image via Google Play Store)

SB Answers is the mobile version of the popular GPT site SwagBucks, but it only features surveys in contrast to the website, which has several other tasks. The overall functioning is relatively similar as users must answer surveys to receive SB points.

Other alternatives for answering these points include completing daily polls and answering more questions about themselves. Subsequently, users may redeem SB points for items such as gift cards from Amazon, PayPal, and other popular stores.

3) Poll Play

Poll Pay (Image via Google Play Store)

Poll Pay is one of the many popular applications in which users may answer surveys in exchange for incentives. It has more than 5 million installs on the Google Play Store, and gamers will have to register themselves to start answering them.

Users can accumulate these incentives as balances and subsequently use them in exchange for PayPal credits, Amazon vouchers, and other rewards. However, it must be noted that the checkout will vary depending on the region the user is in.

2) Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards (Image via Google Play Store)
Google Opinion Rewards (Image via Google Play Store

Players cannot go wrong with Google Opinion Rewards, as the application has more than 50 million installs and a 4.5-star rating on the Google Play Store. It simply requires gamers to answer easy surveys to get rewards in the form of Google Play credits, which players may use for purchases within Free Fire MAX.

Individuals will first need to download the application and answer a few questions about themselves. Following that step, they will be contacted for surveys. The frequency with which individuals will receive these surveys and the amount of credits received for answering them may vary.

1) Booyah

Watch to win event (Image via Garena)
Watch to win event (Image via Garena)

Booyah is a video-sharing application created by Garena. It hosts various events and contests, all of which gamers can simply participate while watching videos from their favorite content creators on this platform.

Users can grab prizes after setting up their Booyah account and linking it with their Free Fire MAX ID. Generally, they would be required to watch clips for a certain duration to acquire the rewards. The rewards from these events are not fixed and may include items such as Elite Pass, diamonds, vouchers, and other in-game items. Moreover, they may receive one of the rewards from the vast prize pool.

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